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Three days of free-to-attend talks, from thought-leaders and inspiring role models in smart eating…

Higlights from the 2018 show…

Rethinking your drinking- How to have a healthier relationship with alcohol 
Speaker: Hilary Marsh , Creator, Botonique

Innovative Sweeteners: What does the evidence actually say?    
Speakers: Alexa Segal, Public Health Scientist at Sugarwise and Rend Platings, Founder, Sugar Wise

A new in-depth study confirms the place of fruit juice in a healthy and balanced diet
Speaker: Fiona Hunter, Nutritionist, British Fruit Juice Association

Are all sources of sugars the same?     
Speaker: Jenny Rosborough, Campaign Manager, Action on Sugar

How to stock your family-friendly, sugar-free kitchen    
Speaker: Rend Platings, Founder, Sugarwise

The hidden salt in our snacks
Speaker: Sarah Alderton, Nutritionist, Consensus Action on Salt & Health

Natural solutions for digestive problems and IBS
Speaker: Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, Nutritionist, Glenville Nutrition Clinic

Hidden sugars    
Speaker: Kawther Hashem, Nutritionist & Researcher, Action on Sugar

What it’s doing to your kids and how to ditch it from your diet    
Speaker: Lizzie King, Nutritional Health Coach, Lizzie Loves Healthy

Eat-like-an-athlete: Helping young people make positive food choices by NOT talking about ‘healthy eating’!   
Speaker: Kate Percy, Founder, Go Faster Food

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