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The Eat Smart Show is a food festival showcasing easy ways to make smart decisions on delicious food and drink low in sugar, salt and calories.

A new show with a unique exciting twist… tens of thousands of visitors already in place that love low sugar, salt and calorie food and drink!

Fans of our show don’t want ‘pie in the sky’, they want real options!

You are ‘ahead of the curve’.  Your products are ready to help our visitors achieve a healthier balance to their family’s diet (without searching too hard).

They will love what you do and buy what you make (onsite and in the year to come).
They will advocate your brand to thousands more with similar interest.

The Eat Smart Show presents you with the perfect opportunity to capitalise on your ingenuity, placing you in front of 40,000+ ‘bought in’ consumers, ready to buy.

Our fans will leave the show and ‘talk you up’; additional reach from our visitors extends to 1.8 million, via one conversation!


Show bites…

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  • Shows take place together, same time, same place; one front door – all visitors go everywhere!
  • Shows collectively deliver the best in free from, vegetarian, vegan and natural food and drink
  • The demand for Eat Smart is driven by existing audience…
    46% of audience actively reducing sugar
    42% of audience actively reducing fat / calories
  • Audience: 64% female | average age 35 years | £43 million annual spend
  • 95% buy at show | 99% spend with exhibitors after show | 98% recommend brands they see at the show
  • Extended show advocacy reach = 1.8 million (via one conversation)
  • When we say fans, we mean it! Show’s audience net promoter score = 66


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