The Eat Smart Show – what’s it all about?

With food and drink, we’re told it’s all about ‘balance’. But it’s never that simple, is it.


Day-after-day, we’re told to “cut out this and that”.
We’re told that we’re eating too much sugar, salt, fats, calories.
We’re told that our health is at an all-time low.

But then we’re told “wait… ‘that’ sugar is good for you…” and  “you need ‘this’ kind of fat!”

The thing is, we understand that…

  • we all have ‘good’ eating days, and we all love a ‘cheat’ day.
  • we all care about our diet, but we’re not about to stop treating ourselves.
  • we’re not all in the gym at 5am everyday (and have no desire to be).
  • raw might not be the ‘be all and end all’ – “actually, I quite like cooked food, thanks very much (and the oven was really expensive)”.
  • you might prefer to shop for your food, rather than forage in the woods for it.
  • you’d rather grow your own ‘bucket list’ than your own fruit and veg.
  • the supermarket shop is not the main event of everyone’s day!
  • Sometimes, we want to just throw stuff in our trollies, rather than read every label – you did GSCE Maths ages ago and have no desire to revisit it for every purchase (who’s got the time?)!

And that’s why we put together this event – to make that all simpler:

  • it makes every day a ‘good’ food day
  • gives you the treats, without the guilt
  • products that are not about strange concepts, just great food and drink that’s just… a little smarter!
  • buy at the show and add to your ongoing weekly shop!
  • food and drink you love, meaning you don’t have to change your life to live healthier!

You want the food you want to eat.
You want the drink you want to drink.

But if there’s a choice between two brands that make a food / drink you like, and one is lower in sugar / salt / calories than the other, you’ll choose it.

It’s easy. EAT SMART.


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